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Sean Sherman’s 10 Essential Native American Recipes

November 5, 2019
The New York Times

The founder of The Sioux Chef, a company devoted to Indigenous foods, created recipes to showcase tribal diversity across the lower 48 states.

Traditional Native foods are the key ingredient in the Sioux Chef’s healthy cooking

By Fred de Sam Lazaro, October 16, 2019
PBS News Hour

Chef Sean Sherman, founder of the company The Sioux Chef, uses ingredients native to the Americas to draw attention to the long-forgotten Native culinary tradition. His research and cooking are also a way to push back against processed foods that he and others blame for grave health consequences in the U.S. today.

Native Foodways

January 26, 2020
Minnesota Women’s Press

As I walked through the tables, an elder grasped my hand and pulled me down next to her. She looked  at me with joyful tears in her eyes and said that she remembered these flavors from her childhood. Memories began to flow out of her.

‘Sioux Chef’ Sean Sherman wins James Beard Leadership Award

By Tom Crann, March 19, 2019
MPR News

Sean Sherman, the founder and CEO of The Sioux Chef was awarded a James Beard Foundation Leadership Award, which “spotlights the important and complex realms of sustainability, food justice, and public health.”

The Thanksgiving Tale We Tell Is a Harmful Lie. As a Native American, I’ve Found a Better Way to Celebrate the Holiday

November 19, 2018

Every November, I get asked an unfortunate, loaded question: “You’re a Native American—what do you eat on Thanksgiving?” My answer spans my lifetime.

The Movement to Define Native American Cuisine

By Tejal Rao, August 16, 2016
The New York Times

LAKE TRAVERSE INDIAN RESERVATION, N.D. — The moon was full and the chokecherries were ripe in the southeastern corner of North Dakota. “It’s the one smell that shoots me back to being young,” said Sean Sherman, as the berries boiled under a red-veined froth.

The Sioux Chef is ‘helping bring a Native American food culture into the modern world’

By Jennifer Russell, March 27th, 2015
The Splendid Table

Chef Sean Sherman grew up on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. His business, The Sioux Chef, specializes in Native American food — specifically the pre-reservation foods of the Dakota and Ojibwe people who lived on the Great Plains.

The ‘Sioux Chef’ Is Putting Pre-Colonization Food Back On The Menu

By Serri Graslie, October 7, 2014

Like most chefs, Sean Sherman practically lives in the kitchen. But in his spare time, this member of the Oglala Lakota tribe has been on a quest to identify the foods his ancestors ate on the Great Plains before European settlers appeared on the scene.

The Sioux Chef Reviving Native American Cuisine

by Nicola Twilley & Cynthia Graber, November 1, 2016
The Atlantic

Pasta, sushi, tacos, samosas, and pad thai: In the U.S., enthusiastic eaters will likely be able to name traditional dishes from a wide variety of cuisines around the world. But most of us couldn’t name a single Native American dish from any one the vast network of tribes, cultures, and cuisines that spread across the U.S. before Europeans arrived. Today, farmers, activists, and chefs are trying to change that.

A Renaissance of Indigenous Foods

Native Peoples Magazine

In the early 1990s, when my son, Clay, and I were in the process of opening the Corn Dance Café in Santa Fe with the plan to serve only pre-contact Native American foods, we were faced with the multifaceted dilemma of what foods to serve, from which tribal groups, and where to get the ingredients.



You wouldn’t believe how hard it has been to explain what indigenous food is,” chef Sean Sherman tells me. “I’ve had the same conversation over and over. I have to go back to the beginning all the time.” For Sherman, a Sioux chef championing indigenous food, going back to the beginning means talking about the unbroken presence of Native people in the Americas, and the food systems that once nourished them.

Sioux Chef Has a Plan: Introduce Traditional Native Cuisine One Region at a Time

Lynn Armitage, September 1, 2016
Indian Country Today

When you think of Native American cuisine, what comes to mind? Indian tacos? Buffalo burgers? Frybread? While beloved by many Natives and certainly tasty, these dishes are not the traditional foods of Indian country, claims Sean Sherman, an Oglala Lakota chef on a mission to re-introduce regional Native American cuisine through The Sioux Chef, a Minnesota-based consulting and catering company—and restaurant in the making.