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Awesome morning with the @dreamofwildhealth crew! Chef Sean (@siouxchef) and Chef Brian (@yazzie_thechef) helped the students create and put together a healthy salad recipe of their own making!  #thesiouxchef #indigenousfoods #dreamofwildhealth #rootsforthehometeam #indigenouskitchen #indigenousyouth #nextgeneration
Dinner for @seed_savers_exchange board members, 01-10-2018.  course 3: bison - wild rice flat bread - cranberry - cress - sunchoke - corn shoot #thesiouxchef #indigenousfoods #seedsaversexchange #bison #turtleisland #chefsofinstagram #indigenouskitchen
Clam - Seminole Squash - Paw Paw - Sea Bean - Dried Ramp - Squash Broth  #thesiouxchef #indigenousfoods #eastcoast #seedsaversexchange #turtleisland
Dinner on 12.29.17 San Pancho, Mexico:  Camarones a la Plancha - Coco Crudo - Molé Tamarindo - Corazon de Girasol @hotelcielorojo #indigenousfoods #thesiouxchef #hotelcielorojo #nayarit #huichol #cora
Epic night last night in San Pancho!  The staff @hotelcielorojo, @thehuicholcenter and @siouxchef put on an indigenous dinner showcasing the local flavors of the Huichol and Cora.  Our friends from the Huichol Cultural Center in Sayulita blessed us with a prayer in their language and shared stories of their creation, connection with corn, and their struggle with this land and the European invaders.  We also talked about why it’s important to stand up to developers like #PuntaParaiso who want to destroy natural resources and ancient sea turtle habitats for the sake of corporate greed disguised as culture.  Wopila to everyone who made this evening possible! (Photo credits @dana.noelle.thompson) #indigenousfoods #thesiouxchef #siouxchef #weareallrelated #huichol #hotelcielorojo #sanpancho #nayarit #nopuntaparaiso #protejelastortugas
Our Chefs @yazzie_thechef and Frank Haney will be serving hot Indigenous food for the Riders and the Runners today in remembrance of the hanging of the Dakota warriors who are remembered today as the Dakota 38 + 2.  On this morning of December 26, in 1862, the hanging took place in Mankato, MN, and the surviving MN Dakota were physically removed from MN as it was made illegal to be a Dakota in MN. A federal bounty of $25 per scalp was placed on any Dakota people found free within the state of MN.  All previous treaties with the Dakota were deemed void by the US Government, which marked the the great loss of our ancestral homelands.  We are thankful to be able to serve food for this yearly and important journey, and today’s feast was made possible by a generous gift from an anonymous donor.  Photos are the drawing of the execution and a picture of the Internment (Concentration) Camp at Ft Snelling where many remaining Dakota were forced to live.
Our team will be serving healthy and hot indigenous foods to riders of the Dakota 38+2 and their supporters tomorrow in Mankato, MN after the morning ceremony honoring our warriors who were hung at the hand of the State of MN and President Lincoln on  December 26th, 1862.  At that time, many of our Dakota families were forced to stay in a harsh and confining internment camp near Fort Snelling where many perished, and it was made Illegal for Dakota people to be in the State of MN, their homelands.  The Dakota 38+2 riders have had another long cold and important journey and we are honored to feed them as a generous gift from an anonymous donor! (Photos from the Facebook Page: Dakota 38 + 2 Ride Supporters)  #dakota38 #wokiksuye #neverforget #alwaysremember #thesiouxchef #mankato
Al Pastor, mi amor...
Exchanging indigenous food and knowledge!  We’re getting ready for our 4th annual Feast of the Little Spirit Moon this next week in Duluth MN at the Sacred Heart Music Center!  There are still tickets available, but they have been going fast.  Here’s the link:

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